Avigd Review {2023}: Legit or Scam?

Avigd.com also known as a discount store is an online store that offers great discount products this discount store will definitely attract customers with its great discount offers but, we recommend customers to check Avigd Review before making any buying decision.

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Discount Store!

Avigd is an online discount store that provides the most affordable delivery service. This discount store has a secure HTTP connection.

Avigd Review {2023}: Legit or Scam?

Don’t submit credit card data!

Avigd asks users to submit their credit card data but, customers should avoid submitting their credit card data as Avigd has many drawbacks that are pointing to a scam.


  • The store name “Discount store” is not linked with the domain name.
  • The design of Avigd is matching with the design of many scam websites.
  • The company meledo limited is addressed on many scam sites company name. Avigd is also using Meledo Company Limited as its company name which clearly indicates that Avigd company name and location are not genuine.
  • Avigd has not set its products to limited quantities.
  • Avigd does not have any menu category or proper product description.
  • Avigd has assigned complicated names to its products so that other people may not be able to search for its products on Google to check the product legitimacy.
  • According to the email checker, the Avigd email location is unknown; the email location of Avigd is not valid.
  • Avigd is not a well-managed discount store.
  • Everything present in this discount store is not real.
  • The return policy of Avigd is not clear and even this discount store does not have cash-on-delivery options. Customers should avoid that shopping sites that do not offer returns and cash on delivery.
  • The products displayed on Avigd do not have any ratings.
  • Lots of useful links are not mentioned on Avigd.
  • The domain “Avigd.com” is too new and set to disappear soon.
  • The email location, contact location, and telephone number updated on Avigd are not legit.
  • The manager of Avigd has used a service to hide its details on the whois record.
  • All the products of Avigd are not organized properly.
  • Avigd has received too many negative feedback from the other online review portals.
  • Avigd does not have payment channels information page.
  • Customers’ reviews are missing at this discount store.

Scam Discount Store!

We scanned this discount store and found red flags the red flags include a newly registered domain, fake contact methods, no social media account, un-protected payment channel icons, fake company details, hidden owner details, stolen content, stolen products,  negative online and customer reviews. Avigd is failing to pass the legitimacy test and received the lowest trust rating.


Avigd is a scam discount store so; customers should not consider Avigd for online shopping.

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