Blevie Review {2023}: Scam or Legit Site? also known as clearance warehouse is an online marketplace from where users can buy, sell, and collect unique items but, are you aware of its legitimacy, if not then, check this Blevie Review carefully, this guide will reveal the legitimacy of Blevie.

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Blevie Review {2023}: Scam or Legit Site? is a shopping site with the coolest items. Blevie has no product categories; this shopping site is only displaying products on its home page. Blevie is giving exclusive offers and discounts.

Negative Points:

  • The logo displayed on is not original; it is a copy of the Costco warehouse.
  • Customers need to make little effort to find their required products as this shopping site has not labeled any product categories.
  • The design of Blevie is not attractive and this shopping site is also displaying irrelevant information.
  • Blevie has pasted non-clickable payment methods and the methods are not secure.
  • The about us section of is fully copied from other websites.
  • The overall content of Blevie is not unique.
  • The interface of is not interactive; users need to search for their products in the Blevie search box.
  • The prices of the products are affordable but the quality of the product is not high.
  • The return, refund, and shipping policies of are not updated properly.
  • The domain “” is too new & will close next year.
  • The company name “Meledo Company Limited” and company address “372 Southampton -great London WC1B-SHJ, United Kingdom” are related to many other shopping scam websites.
  • Customer reviews and ratings are available on Blevie but, the reviews and ratings displayed on Blevie are not genuine.
  • Who leads It’s not revealed on the Whois record and even it is not updated in the about us section.
  • The company and other details updated on are not genuine.
  • The contact methods shared by Blevie on its contact us page are not genuine.
  • Helpful links are not listed on Blevie.
  • The email location mentioned on Blevie is not similar to the domain name.
  • Blevie is not a well-organized shopping site and its trust score is also too low.
  • Blevie hasn’t mentioned the proper name of their products and their quantities are also not set to limited.
  • Expert reviews for the shopping site are missing.

Signs of a scam!

  • Website logo: Copied
  • Email Location: Not domain specific
  • Domain: Too new
  • Owners’ name: Not Known
  • Payment options: Not secure
  • Contact methods: Fake
  • Customers reviews: Not Genuine
  • Expert reviews: Unavailable
  • Ratings: Paid
  • Trust score: Too Low
  • Content: copied
  • Shipping, refund, and return Policies: Untrustworthy
  • Helpful links: Unavailable

Trying its best to scam customers! is trying its best to scam customers so customers need to be very careful and they should not consider for online shopping.

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