Planterbeds Review 2023: Scam or Legit? Find Out! Breakscam also known as Planterbeds wholesale is an online shopping site that is trying its best to look genuine but, the truth of this website is hidden from the customers which we will disclose here in this guide so, do check this Planterbeds review carefully.

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Planterbeds Review 2023: Scam or Legit? Find Out! Breakscam

The featured collection of Planterbeds is showing beautiful outfits and the prices of the outfits are also reasonable.

Planterbeds has mentioned a “collection” category that contains 80 outfits and under its home page, Planterbeds has mentioned 3 categories i.e. pants, t-shirts, and dresses.

  • Under the pant category, this store has 10 products.
  • Under the t-shirt category, this store has 28 products.
  • Under the dresses category, this store has 29 products.

Planterbeds is using encryption to protect its visitors’ data as its URL contains “HTTPS” & “PADLOCK SYMBOL”

Domain Information

DNSPod, Inc.
Registered On:
Expires On:
Updated On:
Name Servers:

Planterbeds-Signs of a Scam!

  • Planterbeds is not taking care of buyers’ protection as this shopping website is not providing secure transaction methods.
  • Secure and reliable sites always have customers review but, Planterbeds have no reviews left by the customers on its website.
  • For customer support, Planterbeds have no genuine contact methods listed on its website.
  • The logo crafted by Planterbeds is similar to the logo of a secure and reputable retail company which is known as Costco Wholesale. The Planterbeds in the logo is written in a way like the Costco and with Planterbeds it’s written wholesale just the way Costco is written along with the wholesale. Most scam website copycats other brands’ websites similarly Planterbeds logo is a copycat of Costco wholesale.
  • Lots’ of hidden products that are not listed in Planterbeds collection categories are available at high discounts that are too good to be genuine.
  • Online reviews are saying that Planterbeds is not a reputable online shopping site.
  • Planterbeds is the lowest trusting score online shopping site whose owner identity is hidden.
  • Who manages It’s hidden on whois and according to Planterbeds contact details, this store is managed by a non-reputable company.
  • According to the whois record, the domain of the Planterbeds shopping site is new and the contact details are not disclosed on the whois record but, the contact details are disclosed on the Planterbeds website contact details page which is not legit. Planterbeds is not sharing phone number but, it is sharing the company name and address. The company name and address listed on the Planterbeds website are not in the form of text it is visible in the form of an image, this is done by scam websites which shows that Planterbeds is a scam website.

Planterbeds-Scam Store!

Planterbeds has lots of signs that are pointing to a scam which is clearly showing that Planterbeds is not a reputable scam it’s a scam store.

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