1337x Review 2023: Scam or Safe site?

Is 1337x a safe torrent website?  In today’s guide, we will shed some light on 1337x, which is one of the most talked torrent website.

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1337x- A place of entertainment!

1337x.to is a place of entertainment and one of the most known torrent platforms. 1337x gives benefits to users by giving them access to downloading TV Episodes, music, games, and movies.

1337x Review 2023: Scam or Safe site?

Downloading TV Episodes, movies, and games from torrent platforms is not safe and they may be dangerous for your system.  1337x promotes pirated content and violates copyright laws due to which some countries don’t give permission of using 1337x. You may face legal consequences for using pirated platforms.   The categories of 1337x include trending torrents, movie library, TV Library, new TV Episodes, top 100 torrents, music, games, anime, applications, documentaries, and others.  In case of any issues, you can send a message to 1337x as they have a shared contact form in which users have to share their general information including name, email location, and message.

Favorable Points:

  • According to the user’s feedback on https://www.mywot.com/ 1337x is a great platform for sharing files.
  • 1337x provides unlimited entertainment that you need.
  • A trustworthiness rating of 1337x is high.
  • Users have written useful comments about 1337x.
  • Other review portals have positive views on 1337x.

Unfavourable Points:

  • 1337x does not have social media channels.
  • 1337x is not accessible in some countries including the USA.
  • We are unable to track the whois data of 1337x.
  • 1337x is pirated so users should not consider 1337x as cyber security may get their IP Address & location and users have to face legal charges.

Alternative Domains:

If you are unable to access 1337x then you can check its alternative domains that includes 1337x.st, 1337x.gd, 1337x.is, x1337x.ws x1337x.se, x1337x.eu, and x1337x.se

Is downloading from 1337x safe?

1337x is the best-reviewed well known pirated platform that has received favorable comments from users but, this does not mean that every download from 1337x is safe.

Using 1337x is not easy as it is banned in some countries including the Indian government but, there are still ways to use 1337x.

  • For safe downloading always link VPN, and connect VPN for getting access to 1337x. Some VPN Services ask for charges and some VPN Provides free services. VPN doesn’t disclose IP Address and shows that you are accessing 1337x from some other countries where it is able to access.
  • You can use other alternative proxy servers for accessing 1337x so try to find a reliable proxy server.


1337x is a popular and high-trust rating platform but it is not accessible in some countries and as it is pirated so this may put your device at risk. For legal downloads always consider reliable platforms including Hulu, Netflix, Google Play movies, and amazon prime video.

Users always support such platform that gives free offers but, you should always select authorized platforms for your entertainment need because selecting an unauthorized platform may hand over your important data to other movie companies so always be careful.

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